Is college admissions keeping you up at night?

Unsure how to stand out among the crowd of 4 million applicants?

Not wanting to DRAG this process out - only to learn that if you applied earlier your chances would have been higher?

What if there was a way to go from uncertainty to getting your entire Common Application done in less than 72 hours?

What if you could feel confident in the college admissions process with experts who have done this for 12+ years?

Dream School Retreat: August 1-4th 2019 with Neha Gupta in Los Angeles will help you feel more confident, excited, and ready to start the day applications open!
Application Below - Limited Time!
A Unique Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience For Your Upcoming Senior Student

Work with Neha Gupta and the College Shortcuts Team IN PERSON to prepare unique stand-out essays and to develop a unique admissions narrative to increase your child's chances of getting in. 
  •      Prior To The Retreat Students Will Receive:

  •  College Shortcuts Detailed Assessment Calls including the following: ($2,000 Value)
  •  Personality/Career/Passion/Interests Assessment
  •  Personalized College List
  •  Tips On Stress/Anxiety Reduction 
  •  High Performance Student Resources
  •  Building Academic Success Strategy
  •  Building Extracurricular Strategy/Review
  •  Personal Call: Neha Gupta will review  the report and discuss implementation ($1,000 Value)
  •  Personal Call: College Shortcuts Team will go over strategies and implementation over the summer PRIOR to the retreat to set you up for success
  •  E-Copies: The Four Year Plan, College Shortcuts Guidebook ($40 Value)
  •  Access To Courses: College Shortcuts, Essay Shortcuts, Interview Shortcuts, Resume Shortcuts, Backstage Pass (Interviews with top students to learn about schools across the US), Scholarship Shortcuts, How To Pick Your Major Shortcuts ($1,999 Value)
  •  Access To All Our Guides: We will give you the vault of all our PDF's to make sure you have every item you need at your fingertips. ($499 Value)
  •  Over $5,000 worth of services!
  •      During The Retreat Students Will Receive:

  • Complete The Entire Common Application: Will work in small groups and one-on-one with the College Shortcuts Team 
  • Prepare Many Essays: They will have five essays or more they can adapt for supplements
  • A Unique Admissions Narrative Angle and Strategy: A customized approach for getting early acceptances from their dream schools
  •  Resume: We will develop their resume of exactly what they will send to schools
  •  Mindfulness Training: To get the best essays and best focus - we will be doing conscious mindfulness training skills they can use for their entire academic career
  •  Chair Massages: We know how stressful this can be - so we will make sure that they are in an environment that relaxes them
  •  Personal Transformation Experiences: We know how challenging writing from your heart can be - Neha will be using unique coaching strategies she has learned from Tony Robbins Youth Leadership Mentorship
  •  Create A Curated Group Of Friends: Rarely can students come together from all over the world to connect deeply - and we will be hand selecting the best teenagers globally to attend - these are the friends you want your child to have as a network for life.
  •  Healthy Meals and Seminar: We will make sure to feed your child healthy meals so they can keep their mind clear and will provide a place for them between 9am-4pm each day to work on their applications. All you have to do is make sure they have a place to stay and get to Los Angeles, and we will make sure they get the work done.
  •  Over $35,000 worth of Neha Gupta's time to work with your child in this process at a fraction of the cost!
August 1-4 2019 in Los Angeles, California - get the one-on-one private mentorship your teenager needs to achieve their ambitious goals and get into their dream school. 
Neha Gupta is the founder of College Shortcuts and has helped thousands of students get into their dream college. 

She is a keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, author of three best selling books, Tony Robbins Youth Leadership Coach, and knows what it takes to get the job done. In her evolution over the last 12 years of running College Shortcuts, this retreat is a labor of love. 

She knows how much it takes to get teenagers to this point in the college admissions process, and wants to create a beautiful space where teenagers can deeply connect, write incredibly passionate essays, and have fun while doing their applications. 

This is a once in a lifetime experience - as Neha typically only works with 5 students per year virtually. After building a school in Africa in 2018, she has decided to do an in-person experience to create a community for teenagers to thrive.

Working with Neha Gupta privately costs more than $35,000. 
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