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High School can be stressful. Especially when it comes time to apply to colleges.
With The Four Year Plan, you’ll learn exactly what to do in each month of your high school career, to master your education and get into the college of your dreams.
“This is the ‘What to Expect’ when you’re expecting a high schooler.” –Lisa, Mom of 4

The Four Year Plan
Written and Signed by CEO & Founder, 
Neha Gupta
This book has helped thousands of students in over 50 countries get into colleges like Harvard, Princeton, MIT, University of Texas, and more.
How? With our foolproof blueprint for high school success.
The ever-evolving high school expectations have confused students and parents, leaving them unclear on how to get college ready. Those that don’t adapt and know how to master high school find themselves defeated when it comes to approaching a top university. This feeling of defeat leaves little room for success, and very little college readiness.
Students that understand the new paradigm and who learn and study with confidence, have created an incredible academic career knowing exactly how to ultimately get into the college of their dreams.
Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors has helped thousands of students excel in all areas of academic achievement, and her name has become synomymous with those looking to get accepted into the college of their dreams. With Neha, 95% of students have gotten into their top 3 schools.
"I wrote The Four Year Plan with over 20 valedictorians by my side. Every single chapter gives insight into what students need to do in each month of their high school career in order to succeed. This book speaks to teens directly, and helps them to navigate the noisy, stressful high school experience and have an action plan, strategy, and vision for their dreams."
- Neha Gupta

founder of college shortcuts and
 elite private tutors
Neha Gupta
AND.... I am offering amazing bonuses for FREE!
This book for any student is .... a MUST READ
Jane, college counselor at top private school in New York
I hand this book to every single high schooler I meet. If every high schooler knew these secrets, they would get into the college of their dreams, guaranteed.  
My child is changed forever!
Vikram Kulkarni
My child was struggling in high school. When I handed him this book, he got his act together and knew exactly what to do from a step by step process. I am glad to say he is at Princeton this year!
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